Coogee Creative Writing Club

A new writer’s group looking for members interested in writing full length fiction novels of any genre. Group will be kept small to ensure we learn each other’s style and skill level. If there’s more interest, I’m happy to help organise other nights and coordinate the cross-pollination of ideas or people. Bring along your laptop and any work you want help with. If everyone brings $10, there’s a fantastic Eastern Mediterranean platter we can share. Activities will include a “touch base” – what each person has worked on, difficulties, successes or new work since last meeting. “Group share” – members can submit a new piece, to be read aloud for discussion and assistance by the group. “Professional Development” – everyone to take turns, leading a short discussion on narrative styles, structure, characters, story-boarding, publishing, marketing etc. “Homework” – choose to share chapters or pieces of work with each other, for comment and feedback in next meeting.

Open to new members
Every second Wednesday
Rosie's Wine Bar
Contact Victoria Hall for more information
0405 371 812