Writing NSW Early Career Writer Grants

Applications are currently closed. Applicants will be contacted and an announcement will be made once we have received approval from Create NSW. Normally this is by 17 December. 

Early Career Writer Grants are awarded by Writing NSW to assist early career creative writers in any genre who are resident in NSW. The aim of the grants is to foster a vibrant, diverse and innovative writing culture in the state.

Funding available: up to 4 grants of $5000 each (plus GST)

Opening date: 1 July 2019
Closing date: 28 July 2019
For project period: 1 February 2020 to 31 December 2020

Applicants must be early career writers who have had no more than two full-length works professionally published or performed and must not have previously received a grant of $5000 or more for their writing from either State, Territory or Federal governments or their agencies. At least one grant will be awarded to a writer from regional NSW, provided an application is received that meets all of the grant criteria.

Activities to be funded by the grant may include:

  • Creation of new work
  • Professional development or mentoring
  • Cultural exchanges or other travel that will assist in the production or presentation of new work
  • Audience development activities conducted by the writer (but not for payment of marketing professionals)

Access costs for regional writers or for writers with disability may be included in the proposal.

How to apply

Applications are currently closed. Successful applicants will be contacted and an announcement will be made once we have received approval from Create NSW. In the past this has been by 17 December. 

Applications must be submitted online through the Create NSW SmartyGrants system by midnight on the closing date. You will need a SmartyGrants login.

Please read the guidelines before commencing your application.

Have a question? You might find an answer to it on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Contact us for all other enquiries.

These grants are offered by Writing NSW with devolved funding from Create NSW.