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On Saturday 23 August 2014 Writing NSW launched its annual Honouring Australian Writers series, focusing on Queensland author Thea Astley. Here is a collection of resources for those interested in learning more about Thea Astley and her work.

If you want to read her work, Text Publishing has reprinted editions of:

A Kindness Cup with an introduction by Kate Grenville

Reaching Tin River with an introduction by Jennifer Down

Drylands with an introduction by Emily Maguire

The Multiple Effects of Rainshadow with an introduction by Chloe Hooper

For further reading about Thea Astley and her work:

Biographies/Academic Writing

Lamb, Karen. Thea Astley: Inventing Her Own Weather. Brisbane:UQP, 2015.

Sheridan, Susan and Genoni, Paul. (eds) Thea Astley’s Fictional Worlds. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars, 2006.

Sheridan, Susan. The Fiction of Thea Astley. New York: Cambria, 2016.

Lindsay, Elaine. ‘Thea Astley: Pre-Vatican II Catholicism to Post-Christian Feminism’, Rewriting God: Spirituality in Contemporary Australian Women, Rodopi, 2000.

Dale, Leigh ‘Colonial History and Post-Colonial Fiction: The Writing of Thea Astley’, Australian Literary Studies, Vol. 19, 1999.


Baker, Candida (1986) Yacker: Australian Writers talk about their work. Sydney: Picador. P 28 – 53.

Lisa Hill reviews Karen Lamb’s biography of Astley, Thea Astley, Inventing her own weather

Nikki Lusk on soundtracks for classic Australian novels – Thea Astley’s The Multiple Effects of Rainshadow

Kate Grenville spoke at the inaugural Thea Astley lecture at the Byron Bay Festival in 2005. A copy of this address can be found in Making Waves: 10 Years of the Byron Bay Writers Festival (Day, Smith & Knight [eds], UQP 2006)

Nicholas Rothwell delivered the Thea Astley Lecture at the 2007 Byron Bay Writers Festival “…in recollection of Thea Astley, a writer strongly linked to the country of far north Queensland and the tropical Australia that I study and frequent and love.”

Presenter Lyn Gallacher on Astley’s book The Multiple Effects of Rainshadow for ABC Radio National Program Australian Classics.

Susan Wyndam on Astley’s 2003 retirement announcement.

The UK newspaper Telegraph obituary for Astley in 2004.

Obituary for Astley by Susan Wyndham for the Sydney Morning Herald

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