2012 The Characters Who’ll Get You Published

Who:  Catherine Hammond
Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 April 2012- 10am-4pm
Full Price $290; Member $205; Conc Member $175

This practical course will focus on the portrayal of characters in both fiction and non-fiction, responding to such issues as: What if my characters all seem to sound and behave almost the same? What is meant by a “well-rounded” character? The relation of character portrayal to storyline development will be examined, with emphasis on avoiding the common error of using characters as mere vehicles to move the plot along or convey messages dear to the author.

Through practical exercises, students will discover ways to make main characters so distinct as to be unforgettable, not only by creatively describing their appearance, but by weaving distinguishing traits, mannerisms and foibles into the narrative.

Jungian personality types (archetypes and Myers-Briggs categories) will be discussed as a means of opening up to writers a great variety of possibilities in character creation (fiction) or portrayal (non-fiction).

Tea and coffee making facilities will be provided. Course participants are advised to bring their own lunch as there are no cafes within easy walking distance.

Student Requirements
Day One: Bring two contrasting character descriptions from a favourite book(s).

Day Two: Bring in, for reading in class, a descriptive passage you have written that you feel presents a many-layered, distinctive character.

About the Tutor
Catherine Hammond worked as an editor at Doubleday and Managing Editor at Millennium Books and now both assesses manuscripts and edits for publishers and writers.

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