Blogging Your Interest

Thang Ngo

Saturday 23 February, 10am-4pm

Full Price: $195
Member: $135
Conc Member: $120

Turn your passion into an engaging blog that attracts readers from around the world – and sustain your practice. This blogging essentials course with Thang Ngo will help you select the right blogging platform for your style and cover all the key elements of setting up a blog, saving you weeks of research and frustration.

It’s a fact that after a burst of initial excitement, most bloggers give up within three months. A key outcome of this course is learning how to sustain your blogging practice.

Blogging Your Interest will give you the tips, tricks and successful tactics behind publishing and updating a blog. You’ll understand the key elements of a content strategy including how to write an engaging post. We’ll cover how to stay motivated and where to find the support and inspiration to make sure you’re blogging and building an engaged community for years to come.

You’ll get an overview of the essential free blogging and social media tools to make your blog look great, track visitors and promote your blog.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Publish a blog: from research, preparation, developing a content strategy through to the tools and resources you need to publish a blog
  2. Stay motivated and inspired: to publish regular blog posts
  3. Build readership: learn tactics and tips to promote your blog, attract visitors and gain a basic understanding of blog analytics

Participant Requirements

  • Bring up to three ideas for a blog.
  • This course is relevant for all levels of writing skills, from established writers looking to build an audience online, to beginners who want to share their writing with a digital community.
  • Participants should have a high level of language skills and at least basic competency in Microsoft Word or Word:Mac. You can take notes on your laptop or tablet (fully charged) or use pen and paper but digital and hard copy course notes are provided.
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