Crafting Stories for Performance

John Knowles

Saturday 28 March 2020, 10am-4pm

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As a writer, the ability to engage audiences in your ideas and work is essential, whether you’re speaking in front of a crowd or talking one-on-one with a publisher or agent. Being able to succinctly summarise and share the story behind your book is essential to promoting it, even before it’s published.

Great storytellers seem to effortlessly captivate, entertain and motivate people with their tales. A true story well told can reach into our psyche and bring dormant emotions boiling to the surface.

Gain confidence in your ability to craft and share any true story in this one-day storytelling course with professional storyteller, comedian and facilitator John Knowles. Discover insights and techniques for transforming personal experiences into engaging stories. You’ll learn how to tell a story properly by applying oral storytelling tips and editing techniques used by all the great storytellers. Whether you want the ability to tell a funny story or a gripping poignant one, this practical step-by-step guide will help you fast track the process.

John will guide participants through the process of finding and choosing a great non-fiction personal story, shaping and distilling it into a tight script and then applying stagecraft and presentation skills. Expect in-class storytelling exercises, group workshopping and sharing lots of stories, laughter and discussion.

By the end of the day, participants should feel they have the knowledge to step out in front of a crowd and tell their compelling story.

Suitable for writers and storytellers of all types.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn unique practical methods for rediscovering and charting the people, passions, pinnacles and potholes of your life in order to uncover story-worthy incident.
  2. Be taught the art of proactive listening, a method crucial to connecting with and drawing out engaging stories from others.
  3. Receive narrative and comedy writing and oral storytelling performance tips and practice them in an experiential, supportive environment.
  4. Learn how finding the theme, choosing the right hook and showing vulnerability will create a powerful emotive connection between you and your audience.

Participant Requirements

Pen and paper.


‘John puts the simplicity back into storytelling and the heart back into humour’
– Weekend Notes Review

‘I enjoyed your course very much. You made it a safe space for us all and your insights into storytelling were invaluable. Most of all, I liked listening to everyone’s stories – especially yours! Second most of all, I enjoyed the opportunity to be silly.’
– Penny Robertshawe, past storytelling student

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Crafting Stories for Performance


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