Eyes on the Road: Writing Short Stories 2018

Cate Kennedy

Saturday 7 April, 10am-4pm

Everyone wants their writing to be bold and memorable rather than hesitant and laboured, but how do we plunge in with verve and confidence, to assure our reader of our natural storytelling authority?  What are some of the ways we can get our ‘hands on the wheel’ to establish and maintain that faith? This workshop will look at how to signal authority through voice, tone, rhythm, imagery and structure, exchanging cautious, hesitant prose for prose that is full of its own confident, fluent momentum.


Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Reinvigorate each writer’s own process through exercises and discussions
  2. Establish better control of narrative form and decisions which guide it
  3. Work towards making rewriting less onerous and more satisfying and inspiring

Participant Requirements

  1. Bring a pen and notepad, or laptop/tablet.
  2. Bring along a page or short extract of your writing on which you’re not making any useful progress
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