Five Secrets of Compelling Fiction

Amanda Hampson

Saturday 4 April 2020, 10am-4pm

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In this hands-on fiction writing course, you’ll discover the five key storytelling techniques that will help you create an ‘unputdownable’ story in any genre. Join bestselling novelist Amanda Hampson in a fast-paced, entertaining workshop that will teach you the elements necessary for crafting narrative direction and drive.

Through a variety of writing exercises, you’ll develop insights into creating purposeful scenes, compelling characters and meaningful dialogue. You’ll also discover practical tools for finding the perfect structure, developing conflict and weaving suspense through your story.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. How to develop your plot (and draw on your own life for authentic material).
  2. How to organise your work and find a structure that supports your genre.
  3. How to create believable and engaging characters.

Participant Requirements

Pen and paper or fully charged device.

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Five Secrets of Compelling Fiction


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