Grammar and Punctuation Basics

Gillian Polack

Saturday 2 June 2018, 10am-4pm

Full Price: $195
Member: $135
Conc Member: $120

Learn how you can use the building blocks of grammar and punctuation to create writing that says what you need it to say. Gillian Polack will teach you how to polish your prose, using punctuation and paragraphing to evilly manipulate the mind of the reader; she will also explain semi-colons. Where possible, examples will be provided from the participants’ own work.

We start with basic grammar and move on to look at precisely how grammar can work for the writer. Agreement, tenses, split infinitives: all this and more will be at your command. You will be able to analyse a sentence step by step and make that sentence work for you.

The second part of the day is about punctuation. Effective punctuation will make writing shine. Effective punctuation can lead the reader through a work without them even knowing they are being led.  Bad punctuation is, however, more common.  We’ll work through types of punctuation and how they are used to understand common usage and about potential pitfalls.

Expected Learning Outcomes

1. A clear understanding of how the English language works.
2. A basic understanding of English grammar.
3. An understanding of major punctuation marks and how they are used.

Participant Requirements

Participants should provide a sample of their current writing (five pages or more) at least one week before the workshop. The sample will be used (anonymously) in class to address specific grammatical problems. Participants who provide this material are far more likely to find their individual needs addressed properly, but it is not compulsory to provide it.

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