Making It Online

Sam Cooney

Wednesday 13 March, 6:30-9pm

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Not every writer is an online writer, but every writer benefits from having a savvy online presence. This could be just a basic professional folio in which your work is given its due, or it could be a dynamic web presence whereby you are publishing on the internet as well as securing print commissions through your online activity.

This seminar with Sam Cooney will benefit any writer who wants to think deeply about how best to use one’s time online. Whether you’re a digital-first writer who wants to experiment with all the technological possibilities of the web, whether your work is much more traditionally published but you know that some shrewd digital hustling can help your career, or whether you’re somewhere in between, this short seminar will show you through case studies and hands-on exercises how you can ‘make it online’.

How should you choose where to locate yourself online? What are your platform options, and what are the benefits and shortcomings of each? Where should you be publishing your writing, where should you be interacting with other writers, and how might you find readers? Do you need to spend money online, such as on a flashy website, or on social media advertising? What should you be doing on the web so that you’re prepared for 2019, and beyond?

This two-and-a-half hour seminar will involve:

  • Exercises that will help you unpack your current online presence and what you need it to be
  • Case studies of some of the savviest and most successful online presences of some Australian writers
  • A presentation of what social media platforms you should be using, and why, and how exactly you should be using them

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Gain a broad understanding of the various best online platforms for you as an Australian creative writer
  2. Be able to dissect your own priorities for your web presence, and then apply them to the possible online options
  3. Receive a whole lot of advice, tips and tricks about how best to use social media in 2019

Participant Requirements

Pen and paper or preferred device for writing. Please ensure your device is charged.

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Making It Online


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