Online Feedback: Creative Non-Fiction

Kate Holden

10 February to 26 June 2020, online

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It’s too late to enrol in this course but we are planning on having another creative non-fiction online course in July. Join our waitlist here to be notified as soon as it is open for bookings!

In this online essay writing course, author Kate Holden will provide feedback on your personal essays, enabling you to hone your skills over five months. Feedback will vary depending on each piece but may focus on areas such as voice and tone, structure and pacing, or incorporating research and other materials into your work.

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Each month, you’ll submit up to 1500 words of short-form non-fiction. Your tutor will provide tailored feedback, giving you time to incorporate her suggestions and advice into the next month’s submission. Each month you can submit either new or revised writing.

You’ll also have the opportunity to read and comment on other course participants’ work. This process of giving and receiving feedback from fellow writers is an ideal way to determine what works, what resonates, what falls flat – and how to improve.

This online program takes place on a website specifically designed for writers, making it simple and easy to share your writing, give and receive feedback, and interact with fellow writers.

If you’re ready to challenge yourself and develop your skills through constructive critique and independent work, this program is for you.

Please note: this is a feedback-based program. While you are welcome to generate new material for submission during this time, no prompts or themes will be provided.

Participant Requirements

Internet access and confidence using basic computer software are essential for this course. Please read our FAQ before enrolling.

Please note: This course starts on 10 February 2020 with enrolment into our online classroom. Submissions (personal essays up to 1500 words) are due on the following dates:

17 February
16 March
20 April
18 May
15 June

After each submission date, you’ll have 10 days to complete peer feedback. At the end of each feedback period, you’ll receive your tutor feedback.

What is creative non-fiction?

Creative non-fiction, also known as literary non-fiction, is a catch-all term. It’s simpler to describe what creative non-fiction isn’t: it isn’t news journalism, which is a form of writing that aims to deliver a reader information in a plain prose style, free of the writer’s opinion, point of view or ‘voice’. But is also isn’t fiction, where writers are at liberty to invent, imagine and embellish as much as they like.

Between the two poles of news journalism and fiction lies the vast world of creative non-fiction, which can encompass memoir, autobiography and biography, essays, travel writing, feature writing, criticism and more. Most magazine and journal articles, such as what you’d find in Meanjin, Overland, the Monthly, The Lifted Brow, the New Yorker, London Review of Books or Good Weekend are creative non-fiction.

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Online Feedback: Creative Non-Fiction


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