Online Feedback Intensive: Poetry 2018

Martin Langford

11 February through 21 June, online

You’ve written some poems – maybe you’ve even got a stack of drafts sitting in a drawer. You know they could be better, but you’re not quite sure how. Sound like you? No matter what stage you’re at in your writing development, feedback can take your writing to the next level by providing valuable insight into your own work and sharpening your editing skills and critical eye.

Receive expert monthly feedback from poet Martin Langford and develop your writing skills over five months in this intensive online course. Each month from February through June, you’ll submit one or more poems of up to 60 lines total via email.

The following week, Martin will send you tailored feedback, giving you time to incorporate his suggestions and advice into the next month’s submission. His feedback will focus standard elements of craftsmanship – economy, clarity, the articulation of the key impulses of the poem – while bearing in mind that there are no absolute rules. The feedback may also touch on the nature of the material with which the poem is engaged, and the conversations in which it participates. Each month, you can either submit new or previously submitted writing.

You’ll also have the opportunity to read and comment on other course participants’ poems. This process of giving and receiving feedback from fellow emerging writers is an ideal way to determine what works, what resonates, what falls flat – and how to improve.

If you’re ready to challenge yourself and develop your skills through constructive critique and independent work, this is the course for you.

Please note: Submissions (up to 60 lines of poetry) are due on the following dates:
Sunday 11 February
Sunday 11 March
Sunday 8 April
Sunday 6 May
Monday 11 June

Feedback is due by midnight on the following dates:
Wednesday 21 February
Wednesday 21 March
Wednesday 18 April
Wednesday 16 May
Thursday 21 June


Participant Requirements

Email access and confidence using basic computer software

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