Professional Editing 2018

Pamela Hewitt

6 x Wednesday evenings: 21, 28 February; 7, 14, 21, 28 March 2018, 6:30-9:30pm

This six-week course presents the essentials of professional editing. Using practical examples and sample texts, you will work through the skills you need in an increasingly globalised and outsourced publishing industry. This means you need business nous combined with technical know-how and a feel for language. Editing is a compelling and rewarding career and this is a hands-on introduction to the trade. As well as the weekly face-to-face sessions, participants will receive multimedia resources for further skill development.

Week one: proofreading
Editing is more than proofreading and proofreading means more than correcting spelling mistakes. We look at the nuts and bolts of what editors do, then dive right in and do it.

Week two: copyediting
‘It needs a light copyedit’ says the client. What does this really mean? You’ll find out as you work through a step-by-step process using sample texts.

Week three: structural editing
When you restructure, the whole text is up for grabs. The structural editor works creatively with the author towards an improved text.

Week four: plain and simple
Language, like food, appeals most when it is fresh and varied. Whatever the writing technique, there is a relationship between clear writing and clear thinking.

Week five: editing for digital media
The screen is different from the page, and editing techniques need to be targeted to the format. What skills do editors need to keep up with digital publishing developments?

Week six: editing as a career
In this guide to the working world, we define freelance business types, identify start-up needs and devise a marketing plan. Whether you lean towards fiction or non-fiction, law, education, science or art, you need to develop your expertise and market your editing skills.



Participant Requirements

You can bring your laptop or tablet or just use pen and paper. Digital and hard copy course notes provided.

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