Refilling the Well: Creativity for Writers

Pamela Cook

6x Wednesdays: 23, 30 October; 6, 13, 20, 27 November, 6:30-9:30pm

Full Price: $600
Member: $420
Conc Member: $360

This course has been cancelled.

A writer’s life is often one of getting things done and getting things down: writing to deadline, plotting the next novel, keeping on top of social media, and so much more. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and re-fill the creative well. This creativity course will help writers slow down and (re)discover their own sources of inspiration.

This six-week immersion in creativity will cover a range of ways to draw from your own creative well and to discover outside sources of inspiration for your writing life. After starting with some basic principles from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, we will consider creative ways to develop storylines and characters, looking outside the boxes we normally package ourselves in to come up with some new styles and forms of writing.

In the final weeks of the course we will look at creative tools to develop self-belief, tricks to battle imposter syndrome and deal with writing blocks, and finish with a look at publishing possibilities and opportunities for sustaining an enjoyable writing habit or career. This course is suitable for those who have hit a creative block, feel they have lost their way creatively or anyone looking for new forms of inspiration.

Week-by-Week Course Breakdown

Week 1: Basic Principles

We will get familiar with some of the tools from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, including morning pages, walking for inspiration, vision boards, artist dates and more.

Week 2: Creating Space

Where do you write? Creating an inspiring space is one way to carve out a writing area just for yourself but this doesn’t have to be indoors or even close to home. We’ll look at how space influences our state of mind, how we can use space to inspire our writing, and use some descriptions of place to spark our imaginations and get us writing.

Week 3: Creating Stories

Story inspiration is everywhere. This week we will use a variety of tools to spark ideas for storylines including artworks, music, literature and family photos. We’ll also look at ways to inject some spark into a flat storyline and how to surprise readers – and yourself – with story twists. 

Week 4: Creating Characters

Character is plot. If you can create a character with a problem, you have the start of a story. This week we’ll look at inspiration for characters and some online tools for developing interesting characters who take on a life of their own.

Week 5: Creating Self Belief

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for writers and artists is not having or not maintaining belief in your own creativity. This week we’ll take a look at the reasons for our doubts and how we can beat (or at least wrangle) those annoying beasts called self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

Week 6: Creating Possibilities

The final session will look at where to from here: how to keep on writing; surviving in the publishing industry as a creative; and ideas for expanding or building on your current writing methods and keeping your creativity vibrant.


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Expected Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  1. Learn new techniques for nurturing their creativity.
  2. Connect or re-connect with their inner creative writer.
  3. Develop a range of strategies to deal with writer’s block, imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

Participant Requirements

No prior knowledge is required for this course. Participants will need to bring a pen, paper, a scrapbook and a writing journal or diary.


You can listen to Pamela Cook speak about her new book Cross My Heart, her inspirations, and her experiences with self-publishing after traditionally publishing her first four books, on the Talking Aussie Books Podcast with Writing NSW member, Claudine Tinellis.

Listen below or click here to listen on Claudine’s website.

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