Rewilding the Short Story

Roanna Gonsalves

6 x Tuesdays: 24, 31 March 2020; 7, 21, 28 April; 5 May, 6:30-9:30pm

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This six-week short story course with Roanna Gonsalves enables participants to understand the many aspects of the short story form and to build a toolkit that will help in creating engaging and delightful short stories.

Each class is designed to work on developing specific skills, leading participants through the process of creating a short story from start to finish through writing exercises and the opportunity to discuss and develop their own work. Come prepared to do lots of writing.

Week by Week Course Outline

Week 1: Shape shifting

We will consider the tradition of the short story, its conventional structures as well as exciting experimentations with form. We will discuss the role of the narrative arc and how story shapes work to create engaging short fiction. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own writing interests and to brainstorm a story they would like to focus on in this course.

Week 2: Watch your language

We will discuss the importance of fresh language in crafting engaging and delightful fiction. Participants will work on writing exercises designed to help with avoiding clichés and adding freshness to their work.

Week 3: The teller of the tale

We will look at creating memorable characters and the use of different points of view in writing short stories that hold the attention of the reader. We will consider the ethics of storytelling and the role of the writer today. Participants will work on writing exercises designed to breathe life into characters, to write interesting dialogue, and to understand the effects of perspective.

Week 4: World building

The creation of the world of the story is crucial if we want to engage readers. Participants will work with strategies to build compelling and plausible worlds through an understanding of place and setting.

Week 5: Visions and revisions

We will look at the importance of the iterative process when crafting a short story, and work with strategies designed to rewrite and fine-tune short stories particularly through a focus on tension and specificity.

Week 6: Workshopping

Participants will have the opportunity to give and receive feedback on their own and other writers’ work. We will look at ways to critique short stories in order to enhance the work. We will also discuss ways to get published and to sustain a writing practices.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain

  1. The ability to identify and use various formal elements of short stories in order to enhance one’s own writing practice.
  2. An understanding of the skills required to give and receive feedback within a supportive workshop environment.
  3. An understanding of the ethics of storytelling using a decolonial perspective.

 Participant Requirements

Pen and paper or fully charged device.

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Rewilding the Short Story


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