Sentences That Work

Michelle de Kretser

Saturday 21 March 2020, 10am-4pm

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Sentences are the building blocks of narrative. Sentence after sentence after sentence is how a book is made. If we improve our sentences, we magically improve our narrative as a whole.

In this workshop led by acclaimed author Michelle de Kretser, we’ll discuss examples of sentences that work and sentences that require more work. We’ll consider adjectives and verbs, and pitfalls to avoid when writing sentences. We’ll revise sentences to rid them of unnecessary words and revise paragraphs to rid them of unnecessary sentences.

Individual writing exercises, group discussions and writing tips will help participants come up with strong, lively sentences.

Please note, this workshop is for developing writers of narrative who want to take their prose to the next level.

Participant Requirements

Participants are asked to bring along a pen, paper and a 1500-word, double-spaced excerpt of their writing that they want to improve, for reference and in-class exercises.

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Sentences That Work


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