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Can Writing NSW put me in touch with a writer I am trying to track down?

For privacy reasons, we can’t give out writers’ contact information or pass on messages. The best way of getting in touch with an author is through their publisher or agent. You can also check out our Find a Writer directory to see if the writer you are looking for is listed there.

Can Writing NSW help me find out about competitions?

Yes. At the top of this page you can subscribe to our free weekly electronic newsletter Newsbite, which includes information about upcoming competitions and other opportunities for writers.

Where can I find a list of agents and publishers?

The Australian Writer’s Marketplace contains up-to-date information on all publishers, literary agents, magazines, journals, competitions, grants, fellowships, writers’ organisations and other opportunities for writers in Australia.

See our free resource sheets on Literary Agents and Getting Published for specific information.

Can Writing NSW get me published?

Writing NSW is not a publisher, nor can we provide references or recommendations for writers to publishers or literary agents, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help! To start with, we recommend you read our free resource sheet, Getting Published. We can also book you in for a professional manuscript assessment or help you choose from our range of professional development courses and seminars.

Can Writing NSW read or edit my work?

The Writing NSW team isn’t able to read work sent to us by writers and can’t provide an editorial service. We can, however, match you up with an experienced mentor on application, book you in for a one-on-one professional manuscript assessment or help you find an appropriate course. For general information on manuscript assessment, editorial services, mentorships and other ways to get feedback on your work, check out our free resource sheets.

Can Writing NSW help me hire a writer?

If you’re looking to hire a writer to teach a course, judge a literary competition, give a talk, provide mentorship or anything else, we suggest searching our Find a Writer directory.

Writing NSW recommends all individuals and organisations seeking to hire writers consult the relevant professional rates for the nature of the work they are undertaking, as set by the Australian Society of Authors, MEAA, Arts Law Centre or other relevant industry standards.

Can Writing NSW provide someone to help me write my book?

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to work on individual co-writing projects. We can help match you up with a mentor who will read your work and provide you with advice on how to improve it, but they won’t co-write it with you. If are seeking someone to write your book on your behalf, you should start by reading our Ghostwriting resource sheet. It is worth noting, however, that the cost of hiring a ghostwriter will be in the thousands of dollars.

There are also a number of writers available for ghostwriting work on our Find a Writer directory.

Can Writing NSW give me advice with regards to copyright and defamation?

Writing NSW is not able to provide legal advice on any issue. We recommend you contact the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

How can I be considered for tutoring in Writing NSW's workshop program?

Writing NSW encourages the submission of proposals to include in our three yearly course programming rounds:

  • February – April
  • May – August
  • September – December

Courses are generally scheduled approximately six months prior to each of these rounds. If you are a writer or author with experience teaching/tutoring or if you have significant experience working in a relevant field with industry expertise, we will consider your proposal during the planning stages of our program.

Visit our Work With Us page for more information.

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