A ghostwriter is a professional author employed to write a book or article for which another author will be credited. This acknowledged author offers the idea behind the narrative and commissions the ghostwriter to turn it into a manuscript, such as a biography or fictional work. It is rare for a ghostwriter to prepare a book or article with no input from the credited author. Usually, the credited author will at least jot down a basic framework of ideas and from that guideline the ghostwriter will create a manuscript. Although the ghostwriter is responsible for the writing of the narrative, it is the credited author who has the final say on all drafts and edits.

Whether you’re looking for a ghostwriter or contemplating being one, the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) sells a short paper called Ghostwriting Agreement Package that includes information on what to expect from a ghostwriter. The ASA also offers a search directory to help you to find potential ghostwriters.

You can also visit our Find a Writer page to find Writing NSW members available for ghostwriting.

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