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In the current publishing climate, knowledge of how to market and grow an online author profile is essential. Ahead of his seminar on Tuesday at Writing NSW, Digital Marketing Essentials for Authors, we had a chat with Patrick Lenton about the importance of harnessing digital tools to reach new readers.

Why do you feel strongly about digital marketing for authors?

Reaching our readers is the best and most efficient way of selling books, and everybody wants to sell their books. Digital Marketing is just a really great way of finding readers and talking to them.

How has ‘digital’ changed the way that writers can promote their work and engage with new audiences?

Basically digital means that authors have the entire world of readers at their disposal. More importantly, they are able to access communities of specific readers, and find exactly the right person who wants your book. Social media has changed the entire way we view the idea of community, and allows people access to authors beyond just a photo in a jacket—and that’s what people want these days, a connection with the author that previously was impossible.

What is one of the most important tips about digital marketing for authors you’d like share?

Be genuine! The goal with digital is to re-create as closely as possible the idea of something intimate and special as an author event, with a larger scope. People get confused by the potential anonymity of digital. You gotta be yourself.

Patrick Lenton is a writer, author, and digital marketing professional. He runs Town Crier Consultancy, which provides social media and marketing services for authors. He is also the staff writer at Junkee. 

Advanced Digital Marketing for authors will take place on Monday 23 September at Writing NSW, 6:30pm-9pm

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