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About Newswrite

Newswrite is a 24-page magazine produced by Writing NSW for its members four times a year. It is distributed by post to 3000+ subscribers in NSW as well as key industry stakeholders, government bodies and arts organisations across the country.

Editorial Approach

Newswrite is a magazine that encourages and inspires our members to write and get their writing noticed.

The variety of articles in each issue include writers’ special feature pieces, interviews with known authors, book reviews, Writing NSW course information, writing hints and tips, all of which entertain, inform and engage with our readers.

Reader Profile

Newswrite readers are highly intelligent, creative and accessible professionals breaking into the literary scene and getting their work recognised and published. Our readership also extends to professional authors who are active in the wider literary community. In a recent survey, 13% of members indicated that they had joined Writing NSW just to subscribe to Newswrite. Members are predominantly female, aged 26+ with a median income of $55,000pa. On average they spend just under $1000 each year on writing materials and associated products. A more detailed reader profile is available on request.

Benefits to Advertisers

Advertisers in Newswrite gain access to a community of avid readers and writers, keen to find out about products and services that will help them pursue their interests—who use Newswrite as an information source.

Advertising in Newswrite gets noticed. Our low advertising to editorial ratio together with the high engagement of readers with the content, ensure your message will be seen.

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