Eileen Ormsby

Eileen Ormsby is a lawyer, author and freelance journalist based in Melbourne. Her first book, Silk Road was the world’s first in-depth expose of the black markets that operate on the dark web. Since then, she has gone on to write another five true-crime books, including The Darkest Web, which has led to her being sought out as both consultant and ‘talking head’ on numerous documentaries, news reports and podcasts.

Eileen’s gonzo-style investigations have led her deep into the secretive corners of the dark web where drugs and weapons dealers, hackers, hitmen and worse ply their trade. Many of these dark web interactions turned into real-world relationships, entanglements, hack attempts on her computer and even death threats from the dark web’s most successful hitman network as she researched her second book The Darkest Web. She now lives a quiet life, getting off-grid as often as she can.

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