Lucie Towers

Lucie Towers is a writer and illustrator from Sydney, NSW. A graduate of Communications: Media Arts & Production and International Studies in Japanese (UTS), Lucie has a passion for storytelling, animation, terrible monster movies, puns, fairytales and all kinds of absurdly whimsical, twisty-turvey word nerdy tomfoolery. Her Dungeons & Dragons character is a gentle bugbear named Crushkin (this is very important information).

She is a Committee Member of the CBCA NSW Branch, and a children’s bookseller. She enjoys picture books, middle-grade, YA,  graphic novels, feeding gremlins your long-lost odd socks (at midnight, no less!), and speaking about herself in the third person (but you didn’t hear it from me… er, her!).

Lucie was the Membership Intern at Writing NSW from Feb – June 2018.


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