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This year’s Kids & YA Festival offers you the chance to pitch your work to a panel of industry experts. Director of the Festival, celebrated children’s author Belinda Murrell, gives some top tips for delivering a successful pitch to publishers.

Here’s our concise guide to the perfect pitch, based of Belinda Murrell’s illuminating article Pitch Perfect in Newswite.

1. The objective of a pitch is to entice the publisher, not to explain everything about your project. Find the key questions in your book and present them in a way that leaves people eager to find out more.
2. Identify your target audience and why your book would appeal to them. The more specific you are, the more attractive you’ll appear to the publisher.
3. Use examples from popular books to highlight your points, whilst demonstrating the lack of comparable books currently available in the market.
4. Tailor your pitch to the genre of your book. Pitching an adventure series? Get the panel’s heartrate up and be exciting!
5. Stay inside the time limit! There are no exceptions to this rule. Establishing someone’s interest in 30 seconds in good, but in under 5 second is even better! The best way to do this is to prepare, be concise and practice.

Read the article in its entirety in Autumn 2018 edition of Newswrite.

The Kids & YA Festival will take place on-site at Writing NSW on Saturday 30 June 2018.
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