Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson is the project and communications intern for Writing NSW for the first half of 2019. She has just completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Media (Communications and Journalism) and has a passion for all things books, plants and music.


Writers On Writing / Speculative fiction makes us value the everyday things we take for granted, with Terry Dowling

Terry Dowling is one of Australia’s most awarded and internationally acclaimed writers of speculative fiction and will be teaching World Building: Writing Speculative Fiction on Sunday 20 October at Writing NSW. Ahead of his workshop, we spoke to Terry about the importance of speculative fiction, how the genre has developed over time, and how to successfully build a world.

Writers On Writing / Pamela Cook on how writers develop self-confidence

We spoke to Pamela Cook ahead of her 6-week Refilling the Well: Creativity for Writers course to find out what inspires her stories and how a writer can find the self-confidence they need to rediscover their creativity.