Richard in a red t-shirt, smiling at the camera

Richard Cornish

Richard Cornish is an award-winning food writer, author, creative director and events host. He is well known in the food scene as an independent writer and commentator on food issues.   His vision for sustainable food events that helped create food communities and offer great experiences to guests have been part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival where he was a creative director and now a consultant.

Born on a dairy farm Richard went on to become the acclaimed commentator on the 7 Network series Iron Chef Australia and is a regular contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age’s Good Food section in which he writes the popular and humourous Brain Food column. He wrote a weekly column in the Saturday Age called Six Reasons to Visit, a successful and popular column in the Spectrum Section for almost a decade. He has written four cook books on Spanish cuisine with Spanish born chef Frank Camorra. His other books include My Year Without Meat, Phillippa’s Home Baking (co-author) and Brain Food. He is a frequent contributor to magazines, produces a weekly TV show on cars for 7 and is frequently heard on ABC radio.

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