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We spoke with Adam van Rooijen about how to sell your books online ahead of Online: Digital Marketing Seminar for Writers.

What can people expect to learn from your digital marketing seminar?
The session is going to provide a broad overview of digital marketing channels and the subsequent content strategies, as well as understanding ways to identify an author’s target audience. I’ll go through a series of case studies going into successful social media strategies and provide guidelines on how to develop content plans and build an author’s social media presence.
Social media can be quite intimidating for both unpublished and published writers. What’s the best way to approach marketing your books online?
The key on social media is to be authentic. I would encourage that to be the centre of a writer’s approach to how they market themselves as well as their books.
Love talking about your love of books – creating a series of instagram and Facebook live are great ways to do that! 
Prefer the written word? Maybe a newsletter or developing your profile on twitter. 
Don’t feel you need to be on every channel, and it is of no use if you are not being authentic.
What is the importance of developing an author brand? 
A writer needs to build a profile beyond their body of work. There is so much vying for time in the attention economy, you need to be able to stand out and by developing a strong author brand helps your audience understand who you are, what you stand for and what they can expect from you.


ADAM VAN ROOIJEN completed a BA in Communications (Media Arts & Production) at UTS in 2005 and began his career in digital advertising before moving to London in 2009, where he transitioned his career into becoming a digital marketer for Random House. He has worked on campaigns for recognised brands like Lee Child, Bill Bryson, Dan Brown. He returned to Sydney where he worked at HarperCollins Publishers as Head of Digital and Marketing for the Harlequin division, developing book and author marketing campaigns for Rachael Johns, Tricia Stringer, Tea Cooper and in nonfiction for Naomi Simson, to name a few. He has worked on successful recognised collaborations and was recognised as a 2018 Mumbrella BEFEST finalist for the Mills & Boon meets The Bachelorette campaign. Currently, he is working at Apple, as business lead for Apple Books.

Join Adam for Online: Digital Marketing Seminar for Writers, 18 October 6:30-8:30pm. Enrol here >>

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