How to Succeed as a Freelance Writer 2018

Bianca Nogrady

Saturday 17 March, 10am-4pm

Work when you want, where you want, for whom you want, and how you want: the description of a freelancer has changed somewhat since the days of the medieval mercenary warrior, but the principles remain the same.

The internet is transforming the media landscape, and while this has been to the detriment of the traditional in-house publishing model, it is opening up a wealth of opportunities for freelance writers. Succeeding in freelance writing takes determination, discipline and a thick skin, but master those and you can enjoy the many benefits of a freelance career.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about building a successful business as a freelance writer. It will cover the essentials of setting up a freelance business and finding your niche, as well as pitching stories, delivering the goods, how to get repeat work and commissions, and the all-important question of pay rates.

Expected Learning Outcomes

1. How to find story ideas
2. How to pitch to editors
3. How to get editors coming back for more

Participant Requirements

Think about the sort of articles you want to write, the topics you’re interested in, the audiences you want to write for, and the publications you’d most like to see your by-line in.

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