Lessons to Learn from Commercial Fiction 2018

Kate Cuthbert

Saturday 24 March 2018, 10am-4pm

No matter your chosen style or genre, there is so much to learn from your colleagues writing commercial fiction. Build great worlds like a fantasy author, learn to pace like a crime writer, and access your characters’ emotional landscape like a romance author. This course will give you the tools to develop your craft skills with concrete examples, in-class practice, and a fantastic take-home reading list.

Join experienced editor Kate Cuthbert to deepen and strengthen your own writing by learning the lessons commercial writing has to teach.

Expected Learning Outcomes

1. Learn how to recognise and use a deep point of view
2. Learn how to use pacing and focus
3. Understand the tools of world building

Participant Requirements

An interest in fiction writing (in any style/genre)
The beginnings of a manuscript


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