Online: Mastering Voice Through Emotional Honesty

Lee Kofman

Wednesday 12 May to Tuesday 18 May 2021, online

Full Price: $210
Member: $155
Conc Member: $135

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Emotional honesty is a must-have for writers of both fiction and creative nonfiction, particularly because it is a key element in a writer’s voice. A powerful, singular writer’s voice expresses our truth, warts and all – no matter the genre we work in.

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Emotional honesty matters from the very start – when we decide what story to tell. It is also crucial in maintaining our creative vision in our works, ensuring we stay true to who we are even when we write about sensitive material from our lives or about characters seemingly ‘not like us’. A major part of a powerful writer’s voice is to know how to capture, and capture vividly, the complexity of human emotions, and generally how to be honest about the intricate, often paradoxical nature of lived experiences. Yet mastering such writing can be challenging, and uncomfortable too.

In this course, we’ll explore what emotional honesty means in the context of writing and hone reflective skills. We’ll also consider common roadblocks that prevent writers from being honest, and strategies to deal with these hurdles and grow more courageous. This course involves submitting short writing exercises, and giving and receiving peer feedback. Participants will receive limited tutor feedback.

Expected Learning Outcomes 

  1. Understanding the concept of emotional honesty in writing
  2. Finetuning our choices of writing subjects
  3. Learning to describe emotions truthfully and vividly
  4. Honing tolerance for complexity and paradox in our writing

Participant Requirements

We’ve designed this online course to meet your learning needs. You can work through the lesson material, ask questions, and engage with fellow writers throughout the course. Internet access and confidence using basic computer software are essential for this program. Please read our FAQ before enrolling.

Please expect to spend a minimum of six hours on the course, noting that the amount of time needed to read, respond to discussions, write, revise and critique will vary from person to person.

You do not need to log into the course at a specific time and there are no live meetings. You will receive an email with an invitation link to join the online classroom by 10am on the day the course starts.

  • Participants will work through several lessons, which will open sequentially over the first few days of the course (see course dates in the blue box above).
  • You can complete the lesson material in your own time.
  • This course includes short writing assignments and the opportunity to give and receive peer feedback and some tutor feedback.

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