Self-Publishing Program 2018

Joel Naoum

This program includes 7 evening sessions of either 2 or 3 hours in length.

  • Wednesday 26 September, 6:30-9:30pm – note one-week break between sessions
  • Wednesday 10 October, 6:30-9:30pm
  • Wednesday 17 October, 6:30-8:30pm – note two-week break between sessions
  • Wednesday 31 October, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Wednesday 7 November, 6:30-8:30pm – note three-week break between sessions
  • Wednesday 28 November, 6:30-9:30pm
  • Wednesday 5 December, 6:30-9:30pm

View the Self-Publishing Schedule 2018 for the full program overview.

Full Price: $1640
Member: $1365

Are you considering self-publishing your book, but feel daunted by the process?
Thousands of books are self-published every year, but many of these fall below professional standards. The quality of your book’s production will have a key impact on its potential reach.

After all the time you have put into writing your book, it is essential to ensure that it’s presented to readers professionally and attractively. Cover design in particular is a major factor in a book’s success. People actually do judge a book by its cover!

There are many options to consider when self-publishing, including cover design, digital conversion, typesetting, and distribution, as well as file types, metadata and other technical issues.

How do you make the best choices for your book?
Taking a hands-on approach, this extended program, led by publishing professional Joel Naoum, will guide you through a professional quality self-publishing process, including briefing a cover design, typesetting and creating digital files, establishing ebook and print on demand distribution, as well as learning the fundamentals of marketing your book.

At the end of the program your book will be available for sale globally in ebook and print on demand formats. The program does not include the cost of book printing. Please note, you will be required to complete specific tasks at home and on deadline.

Program price

Non-member $1640 | Member $1365

Pricing includes these external service costs:

Digital conversion – $90
Print typesetting – $160
Print + ebook cover design – $450
ISBNs – $15
TOTAL – $715

Please note:

The program does not include the cost of printing your book.
The cover design costs include up to three proposed concepts, and once a concept is agreed on, up to three rounds of amendments.
There is an additional cost of approximately $68 for print on demand (POD) distribution. This must be paid on the author’s credit card.

How to enrol

If you will have a completed, edited and proofread manuscript ready for publication without need of any further edits or changes as of 26 September, follow these steps to enrol:

  1. Download the Self-Publishing Program 2018 enrolment form.
  2. Complete the enrolment form on page 2.
  3. Include your payment details on the form, or pay via phone (9555 9757).
  4. Submit your completed form to via our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the external service costs? What am I paying for?

  • Digital conversion: Typesetting team takes your manuscript and converts it into an XML-based digital format that can then be used to output different ebook formats that might be needed, including EPUB and MOBI.
  • Print typesetting: Typesetting team lays out your manuscript as a print-ready PDF, ensuring the book is properly paginated and free of common typesetting issues.
  • Print + ebook cover design: this is the cost for a professional graphic designer with book industry expertise to produce up to three proposed concepts, and once a concept is agreed on, up to three rounds of amendments. We have negotiated a group discount, giving you a professional quality cover at a better price.
  • ISBNs: Two ISBNs will be provided per manuscript, one for ebook format and the other for print on demand (POD) format. ISBNs are used to uniquely identify your book to retailers. Their full use and why you need them will be covered in the program.

Why can’t I make changes to my manuscript after the program starts? What if I find typos?

There will be an opportunity to fix very small single-word typos. However, changes on a larger scale won’t be possible to fix. This is because once a book is typeset, any changes can cause run-on issues to the flow of the pages – these are time consuming and costly to fix. So you must finalise the content of your book before starting the program.

I have two completed manuscripts – can I use both in this program?

The program costs cover the publication of one manuscript only. 

Is there a maximum length for the manuscript?

If your manuscript is more than 200,000 words in length, please get in touch with us to discuss. 

Is there a minimum length for the manuscript?

The minimum length is 30,000 words.

Can I include quoted material in my book, such as song lyrics?

While you are welcome to include material like this, you must seek and gain permission to use this material before you start the course. Read more about it here.

I have images I’d like to use for the cover. Is that possible?

If you have images for which you own the copyright and have permission to use globally for commercial purposes, then it may be possible to use them. However, the program will cover hints, tips and strategies for briefing a successful book cover – if you’ve already pre-selected your image it may not fit with your cover brief after you go through the program material. You’re welcome to bring an image you like, but keep an open mind.

Why is the $68 print on demand distribution fee paid separately?

The author needs to pay this on credit card because there are ongoing yearly costs for market distribution from the POD distributor.

After the program, I’d like to print copies of my book. What is the cost?

It depends. For a standard 90,000-word book using standard options, the printing cost would be approximately $8 per copy, not including shipping and handling or any savings based on ordering in bulk.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your enrolment is non-refundable. If you should wish to withdraw, you must inform Writing NSW at least 14 days in advance of the start of the program to receive a full credit. Withdrawals up to seven days prior to program commencement will be eligible for a 50% credit. Withdrawals in the week prior to the program are ineligible for credit.

Self-Publishing Testimonials

Brenda Hall

‘Every class was packed with hands-on activity, and every week saw steady progress towards the end goal of publication. Joel helped us set up accounts with reputable e-book distributors and printers, and gave us advice on marketing strategies post publication. The end-result for me was a novel that is now available through Amazon and several other online booksellers.’

Barrie Seppings

‘The course is insanely practical and does exactly as it promises: by week 7 you’re ready to hit the “publish” button on your new novel, in both digital and paperback. Joel has been doing this literally since it was invented, is very generous with his knowledge and is an incredibly patient teacher. Absolutely recommended.’

Stephanie May

‘This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the Self-Publishing Program!’

Participant Requirements

To enrol, you must have a completed, edited and proofread manuscript ready for publication without need of any further edits or changes as of the start of the program, 26 September. Your manuscript must be primarily text; some B&W photos or illustrations can be included (if you own the copyright), but this program is not suitable for illustrated or picture books.

Please note that this course requires a minimum number of participants to go ahead. Writing NSW reserves the right to reschedule or cancel this course, in which case you will receive a refund.

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