The Art of Writing Memoir

Sarah Malik

Saturday 31 August 2024, 10am – 4pm

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This writing course, The Art of Writing Memoir with Sarah Malik, takes place at Writing NSW in Sydney.

How do you draw from personal experiences to write compelling memoir? Join Sarah Malik, author of the critically acclaimed memoir Desi Girl: On Feminism, Race, Faith and Belonging for a workshop diving into the power of memoir writing and telling one’s truth as a political act.

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In this writing course, we will discuss some non-fiction literary forms, such as memoir, essays, creative non-fiction and theme-driven autobiographical work and the differences between them, in helping situate the participant’s own work within this genre.

We will look at different literary devices and techniques to help create a unique literary voice. Participants will learn how to treat themselves as a character, excavating their own inner landscape and histories to discover the story they were meant to tell.

The course will draw from examples of modern writers who create stylised personal perspectives, including Alice Pung, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Alexander Chee, Ellen Van Neerven and more.

Expected learning outcomes

In this workshop, participants will:

  1. Complete a series of writing exercises that draw from their histories, experiences and environment to identify threads and themes that make for compelling memoir
  2. Gain support, workshop ideas, and identify any direction that might be needed in their memoir work—including encouragement to share their own progress with sketching memoir, and any challenges they have faced.
  3. Excavate the emotional terrain of memoir writing, from writing trauma, how much to disclose, practising self-care and navigating the ethical dilemmas of writing about family, friends, and others known to us.

This workshop takes place at Writing NSW in Sydney.

Participant requirements

Pen and paper, or a fully charged device. Please read our FAQ before enrolling.

Find and bring an old photograph of their younger self (at any age).

If you have questions about this course, please contact us.

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The Art of Writing Memoir


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