Thinking with Objects: A Memoir Workshop

Vanessa Berry

Saturday 15 February, 10am-4pm

Full Price: $200

Member: $140

Conc Member: $120

All material objects, from the most precious to the most mundane, have a story to tell. In memoir writing, they can be used to powerful effect to shape the narrative, and to engage readers. This workshop with award-winning author Vanessa Berry will guide you in using the narrative power of objects to help you shape your story.

Objects connect us with stories of people, places and times, in our personal and cultural histories. In this workshop you will learn creative ways to consider and write about objects. The course will cover effective descriptive techniques, how to successfully integrate objects into life narratives, and how, through experiments and exercises, the potential of material objects can be unlocked. The workshop will also cover research skills and resources for working with archival and museum collections.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. To learn and put into practice techniques for writing effectively about material objects.
  2. Understanding the potential of material objects in the development and writing of engaging memoir and life narratives.
  3. Development of research skills to enrich memoir, through engaging with archives and collections.

Participant Requirements

Please come with a personal object in mind to write about. If possible, bring in an image of this object (or the object, if you are comfortable bringing it in, though please be cautious with fragile/precious items). Please bring pen and paper, or your fully charged device.

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