Writing Trauma

Meera Atkinson

Saturday 7 December, 10am–4pm

Full Price: $195
Member: $135
Conc Member: $120

The prospect of writing trauma can be both daunting and compelling. Meera Atkinson invites those writing or looking to write trauma in any genre to explore this terrain.

This interactive workshop differentiates between therapeutic modes of writing trauma and ‘literary trauma testimony’. It features close readings of selected texts and explores the ethics and potential danger of writing trauma. Participants will complete writing exercises and take part in group workshopping with the aim of producing a piece of literary writing that illuminates individual, collective, and/or transgenerational trauma in some way.

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Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. A nuanced understanding of trauma and its operations in literary writing.
  2. Increased clarity around the challenges and responsibilities of writing trauma.
  3. The production of new writing that demonstrates an engagement with traumatic affect.

Participant Requirements

Pen and paper, laptop optional. Courage.

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