Online: Researching and Writing Diversity

Pooja Mittal Biswas

Wednesday 18 August to 24 August 2021, online

Full Price: $210
Member: $155
Conc Member: $135

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In a literary culture that is growing ever more interested in diverse literature and experiences, and is more eager than ever to champion inclusivity, it is both an artistic and a moral impetus to produce writing that is diverse, well-researched and authentic. Contemporary writers are understandably interested in writing inclusive literature, especially as regards to people of colour, women, the LGBTQIA+ community and people with disability.

However, writing diverse literature well – particularly if one happens to not belong to the group one is writing about – can be challenging, and will require a fair amount of research and self-reflection on one’s own privileges and biases.

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This online course with Pooja Mittal Biswas aims to arm writers with real, practicable research and writing skills that allow them to develop their empathy, sensitivity, socio-historical understanding and creative acumen so that they may write more inclusively while avoiding cultural appropriation and other forms of exploitation. As well, writers who themselves are from diverse backgrounds and who wish to ‘translate’ their experiences from personal histories into public stories will gain confidence to do so.

This interactive online course has limited places. Book early to avoid missing out. 

Expected Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain confidence to

  1. Include characters from a diverse range of backgrounds
  2. Create LGBTQIA+ content with knowledge of the community’s history and present challenges
  3. Write about disability and mental illness in an informed and respectful manner
  4. Write female characters in a manner that is diverse, authentic and non-sexist

Participant Requirements

Internet access and confidence using basic computer software are essential for this program. Please read our FAQ before enrolling.

Please expect to spend a minimum of six hours on the course, noting that the amount of time needed to read, respond to discussions, write, revise and critique will vary from person to person. We recommend allocating an hour a day to the course while it is running. By setting aside this time, you will get the most out of the course, and be able to engage with other participants and the tutor.

You do not need to log into the course at a specific time of day and there are no live meetings. You will receive a link to access the online classroom by 10am on the day the course starts.

  • Participants will work through several lessons, which will open sequentially over the first few days of the course (see course dates in the blue box above).
  • You can complete the lesson material in your own time.
  • This course includes short writing assignments and the opportunity to give and receive peer feedback and some tutor feedback.

Get to know the tutor

Get to know our incredible tutor, Pooja Mittal Biswas, by reading the article she wrote for us on why researching and writing diversity is so important to Australian writing. Read, Mirrors within Mirrors here>>

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