Picture Book Possibilities

Tohby Riddle

Saturday 19 October, 10am-4pm

Full Price: $195
Member: $135
Conc Member: $120

Just about anything can happen in a picture book. It is a format that can accommodate all manner of ideas and content. It may or may not use words, it might be fiction or non-fiction, the narrative might be linear or not, the art might be complex or extremely simple, and so on. The only question that matters is: will it work? This course is for anyone interested in creating a picture book, either as an author, an illustrator or both.

In this course we will look at the picture book process from idea to finished book. We will look at getting ideas, developing and testing them, and preparing and presenting these ideas as a publishing proposal.

There will be activities to stimulate different ways of thinking about the writing, drawing and opportunities to learn about the publishing process, drawing on Tohby Riddle’s experience as a creator of over 20 internationally award-winning picture books and illustrated books.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  1. More ways to get ideas;
  2. How to develop a picture book idea into a publishing proposal; and
  3. What to expect in the publishing process.

Participant Requirements

Some knowledge or familiarity with the picture book format, a willingness to explore what words and pictures can do, and curiosity.

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